Monday, 1 January 2018

A good new year

There was a revival in Croy near Inverness between the years 1763 and 1774. Many were converted during that time under the ministry of James Calder, and in his diary he mentions that many of the converts were young people. 

Here is what he wrote in his diary on New Year’s Day, 1765. ‘As the year 1763 was a happy year in this place – much happier than in former years – with regard to the advancement of Christ’s kingdom in the saving conversion of sinners; and as the year 1764 was a happier year still in that respect, may the Lord grant that the year 1765 may exceed them both in the number of saving conversions here and elsewhere. O may many, very many, souls of every rank and sex and age be gathered in this year to Christ in the gospel net…. Lord, send prosperity, for Jesus’ sake! Amen.’

What did he have to say on December 31st of that year? ‘This being the eve of the expiring year, good cause have I to close it with warmest sentiments of gratitude and praise to my God, and my father’s God, and my children’s God, for the many instances of his undeserved goodness vouchsaved me and my flock and family during this period. Blessed be his gracious name, this year has exceeded the last, happy as it was, in the number of converts betwixt this parish’ [and a neighbouring one which was without a minister and he must have been looking after it]. Then he writes, ‘O Lord, grant, for Jesus’ sake, that the new year which is now beginning may exceed this and all former years in the same happy respect!’ 

The revival lasted for a few more years, with ebbs and flows. Whatever else can be said about it, 1765 was a good year spiritually in that area. It would a good year for us if we saw the same.

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