Sunday, 10 January 2016

The grace of Christ

Tonight, we thought about the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, which Paul mentions in his benediction in Romans 16:20. Obviously Paul believed that such a gift would benefit the Roman believers, no doubt because he knew that Jesus would come along with his grace to them.
Paul would have thought that the Romans needed this spiritual experience in order to face what was coming their way. And he knew that this grace was available for all of them, and not just for a special few among them. When they would receive it, they could anticipate Jesus doing something in them and for them.
Jesus wants each of his people to know him intimately and the only way that they can know him is through his grace. It is good for them to remind themselves that it is purchased grace that Jesus bought for them when he suffered on the cross. Moreover, it is plenteous grace, able to meet the needs of all Christians in the world at any given time. And it is personal grace in the sense that Jesus ensures that each of his people receives the particular grace that they need at every stage of their journey.

Those three aspects of grace – purchased, plentiful and personal – describe it in general. But we can also think about specific features of his grace. There is pardon for our sins. There is food for our souls. There is peace in the storms. There are foretastes of heaven. There is protection from sin. All this and much more is found in the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Matthew Henry summarises this grace as ‘the good will of Christ towards you, the good work of Christ in you,’ and that is a helpful way to remember it.

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