Sunday, 8 March 2015

Responding to the bigness of Jesus

In Colossians 1:15-17, Paul writes that Jesus made all things and maintains all things in existence. Of course, we are to remember that each of us is part of his creation, that he is keeping us in existence, and that we were each made for his pleasure. It is a question we should ask ourselves, ‘Am I fulfilling the purpose of my creation? Am I using my mind, my abilities, my possessions for the pleasure of the Son of God?’
What attitudes should knowing these details about Jesus produce within us? An obvious one is humility. Who are we in contrast to him? What are our achievements in contrast to his? He is the eternal Son of God who created and maintains the universe. What we should do is bow before him and say to him, ‘You are very great and I am very small!’
A second response that should be produced within is hope. After all, he has kept us in existence and he has allowed us to hear the gospel. Millions of people have never had this privilege from him. Instead they are, at present, without God and without hope in the world. But we should see his goodness to us as a reason for having hope that he will be merciful to us.
Third, we should have a strong sense of horror at ourselves for failing to recognise the glory of the Son of God. He is not merely a slightly higher person than us. Instead he is the exact replica of God. He has all the attributes of deity and he reveals them to us. It is terrible that we have treated him with disrespect. If I showed disregard for a prominent human, I would be ashamed of myself. What can I say about myself if I show dishonour to the Son of God? I should be horrified by myself.
Fourth, we should be marked by honesty. Each of us should say, ‘After all, I am only a creature.’ Yet each of us can also say, ‘But I am his creature, I am the work of his hands. Sadly, my sins have marred his handiwork, nevertheless the evidence is still there of his abilities.’ We are to realise who we are and why we exist, and then be honest and live for the pleasure of the Son of God.

Fifth, we should be marked by haste in the sense that we speedily make our way to the Son of God by faith and ask him to forgive us our sins and then renew us, so that as new creations we will once again live for his pleasure. And we may find that it will give him more pleasure to resurrect our bodies and recreate the universe at the second coming than what he experienced when he made the universe at the beginning.

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