Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The Heart of Jesus - Charles Calder MacIntosh

If we would see the heart of Christ, let us contemplate Him on the day of His resurrection. He had burst the prison gates and come forth a conqueror; He stood the head of a redeemed world; He had spoilt principalities and powers; a name above every name awaited Him; the hosts of heaven longed for His ascension that they might fall down and worship Him; – and how was He employed?

Behold Him first ministering consolation to a poor mourning disciple – Mary Magdalene. See Him next enlightening the ignorance and confirming the weak faith of the two travellers to Emmaus – conversing with them until their hearts burned within them. Then we find Him appearing to Cephas; he who had denied Him was singled out for this gracious visit, as specially needing it to assure him that he was graven on Christ's heart still. Afterwards He appeared to His assembled disciples, and despite of their ignorance and slowness of heart to believe, despite of their desertion of Him in His hour of agony and distress, saluted them with 'Peace be unto you.'

We have here the heart of Christ disclosed to us, His love and pity for His people, His zeal for their interests, His fixed purpose of saving them, and His determination that none of them should perish, and that none should pluck them out of His hand. And Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and for ever (From a sermon by Charles Calder MacIntosh on John 21:15-17)

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