Friday, 31 December 2010

Have you got a minute

It does not seem that long since we entered the twenty-first century, yet we are already into its second decade. Time is speeding by and we are often oblivious to its rate. We are accustomed to persons breaking speed records, but very few take note that time itself is the fastest commodity of all. We only have each second of time for a second, we only have each minute for a minute, and then each is gone.

How many minutes did we have in 2010? About 525, 600. We may have slept for 170,000 of them, which leaves about 350,000 minutes that passed through our hands in 2010.

What can we do in a minute from a spiritual point-of-view? Imagine that each of us offered a prayer during each of these minutes, which means we would have prayed 350,000 prayers in 2010. We can pray when we are doing other things, so the suggested figure is not that unrealistic, especially when at other times we can offer more than one prayer per minute. Hopefully we did pray a large number of prayers throughout the year. These minutes have gone for ever, but we have the whole future in which many of them can be answered.

Another activity that we could have done in each minute was to think about Jesus, even if what we were doing was thanking him for saving us. Imagine thinking about Jesus 350,000 times in 2010. I’m sure most husbands think about their wives each minute, and vice versa, or at least every five minutes! Even if we extend the timeframe to five minutes, we would have thought about Jesus 75,000 times in 2010.

The point of this unusual exercise in arithmetic is to encourage you that time may not have been as wasted as you think. You may have offered up many more prayers in 2010 than you realise and you may have thought about Jesus far more often than you can remember. Such minutes may have passed for ever, but their effects will last for ever. God rewards those who pray to him and who think about Jesus. Hopefully we will do the same in 2011.

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