Thursday, 9 December 2010

2010 Westminster Conference

I have just returned from attending the Westminster Conference in London. I travelled down on Monday via a combination of buses and trains as the snow played havoc with all forms of travelling (there were no flights) – it took me over sixteen hours to make the journey. And when I made my way to Gatwick airport on Wednesday night to return home, I discovered that the airline had cancelled my flight to Inverness, so I had to spend the night in an hotel. Thankfully, the flight went this morning.

I enjoyed the conference – despite having attended many conferences with Christian Focus, I had never been to this annual event before. It was good to meet some old friends and make some new ones. There were six addresses – the first five were well presented and provoked interesting discussions (summaries of them are here and here). I gave the sixth, on Andrew Bonar and my text can be read here. They will be published at some stage.

I was thankful that there was not a discussion after my address, mainly for the reason that I had to rush away in order to catch the plane which was later cancelled. What can I say? I missed being questioned and I missed my flight.

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