Friday, 1 January 2010

Delight in a preaching ministry

After the death of his minister, Charles Calder, Robert Findlater wrote to his son in Edinburgh who was preaching at a communion service there. In the letter mentioned an interest the congregation in Ferintosh had in having John Macdonald as Calder's successor and then states how much Calder's preaching was appreciated.

‘I hope you will have an agreeable time of it in Edinburgh. I pray for his presence among you. Though not acquainted with Mr. McDonald, you may make offer of my best wishes to him and tell him that Ferintosh is proverbial for a good dram, and that we hope he will present us with nothing inferior to what we got. It has oft been so strong and sweet, that we have drunk of it, till we forgot our poverty, and remembered our misery no more.’

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