Monday, 12 October 2009

Description of a Preacher

Murdo Mackenzie, a former minister of the Free North Church in Inverness and who had refused to go into the United Free Church in 1900, made this tribute about a former colleague, Murdoch Macaskill, who had joined the United Free Church. While Macaskill had his failings and you can read about him here if you wish, the description does point to a level of ministry to which all preachers should aspire. This is what Mackenzie said of Macaskill:

'He felt the power of what he was preaching to others. He early came under the power of the truth, and from his own experience of the saving power of the blessed Saviour he could commend Him to others. He was an earnest preacher. He did not flatter sinners, but he earnestly pleaded with them to betake themselves to the Saviour. It was his delight to set forth the glory of Christ as the Redeemer and the efficacy of His work and blood for the salvation of the vilest and filthiest. He was an impressive preacher. He made a deep impression on the people, often with tears trickling down his cheeks…. He was an accomplished preacher. He was a student all his days, and he brought the result of his extensive reading to bear upon his preaching, so that he was always fresh… He was a scriptural preacher; he was eloquent and mighty in the Scriptures.’

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