Saturday, 22 August 2009

Induction in Point Free Church

Last night was the occasion of the induction of Dr Iain D. Campbell to the Point Free Church of Scotland congregation. The church was full (about 800 people in my reckoning) and the congregation heard a good sermon on Jesus as the bread of life by the Presbytery moderator, Calum Ian Macleod from Barvas. Both the new minister and his congregation received appropriate advice from those appointed to address them. Afterwards there was an enjoyable time of fellowship in a local school.

The occasion was nostalgic for myself as it was the last occasion for me to meet with the Western Isles Presbytery before my move to Inverness. Yet the event was much more. As Dr Campbell took the usual vows for ministers, I was reminded of the links the contemporary church has with the church of previous generations who fought doctrinal battles in order to preserve biblical truth for the church of today. The vows also reminded me of the importance of worshipping God in public according to the requirements he has specified in his Word, and it was very pleasant to participate in a large congregation singing psalms from the heart as well as with the lips. Further the stress laid on preaching the gospel was a powerful reminder of the priority we have to take the gospel to the lost.

Of course, all present wish Dr Campbell well as he begins his new work. The parish in which he now serves knew great divine blessing in the past, and hopefully even greater times will be seen under his ministry.

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