Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Finding rubbish at removal time

At the moment we are in the middle of packing boxes because we are moving to another address. My study has been turned into a storeroom, as have several other rooms in our house.

One detail we have noticed is the amount of pointless stuff we have collected over the years. In isolation, none of the stuff is very big, but together it amounts to many bags of rubbish. Yet when we first decided to keep these items we imagined that they would be of some use (that goes for some of the books I have purchased and am holding on to with great determination).

Of course, this imminent change of address is not the ultimate removal ahead of me. One day I will be taken away from this world. In a spiritual sense I am wondering how much pointless stuff I will have accumulated by then in my life and in my ministry (if I can separate them). Perhaps even some current activities which I think are very important today will then be tossed into the equivalent of a rubbish bin.

Anyway, back to packing boxes, or perhaps to find more pointless things!

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