Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Derek Tidball, Signposts (A Devotional Map of the Psalms), IVP, 2009

The Psalms have been a major part of the basis of the devotional life of Christians for centuries, particularly in my own historical background. Yet it is often the case that, apart from a few psalms such as 23, 100, and 121, their meaning is not on the surface and we need help in understanding them.

Derek Tidball, the former Principal of London School of Theology and author of many helpful books, has provided a very useful manual for enabling Christians to work through the Book of Psalms and enrich their devotional lives. His comments on each psalm usually contain an Orientation (introduction), a Map (outline of the psalm) and a Signpost (suggestions for the reader concerning how to respond). Occasionally he includes a Links section in some psalms. After every fifth psalm, the author also provides a short reflection on a variety of topics, including several on Jesus and the psalms and on God and the psalms.

The author testifies that the book grew out of a difficult period in his life when his regular use of them helped him greatly. This book can be used as a daily Bible reading plan for a few months, and we would be spiritually enriched as well if we did so.

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