Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Accepting a Call

Two days ago, I accepted a call from Greyfriars Free Church in Inverness to become its pastor. Of course, this is only half the story because acceptance of the call also means an end to pastoring the congregation of Scalpay where I have been since early 2004. I trust that those who have been praying for me over these last few weeks will continue to do so, and also for the congregations of Greyfriars and Scalpay.

During the period in which I was thinking about the call, a parcel of books was delivered to my home. This is not unusual because I am the Review Editor of the Free Church of Scotland magazine, The Monthly Record. Among the books was a short one with the title Handle that New Call with Care by David Campbell (Day One Publications). Although I have many books in my library I do not have one that deals with this subject, and I cannot recall even reading an article or a chapter about it. So I was very grateful to receive the book.

The contents are very easy to read. Much of the material is taken from biographies and other writings connected to ministers who received a call to leave their congregations and it was very helpful for me to discover that many of my considerations had been known by them. Of course, the book did not make up my mind for me, but it did show me how others handled the various aspects of such a call. So I would recommend the book to any who want spiritual input in assessing a call away from a congregation to another one.

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